Highlander Political Strategies offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to connect our clients to voters, supporters and the political process. Our combination of experience in the political and business market segments have contributed to the successful strategies we have developed for our clients:


Our company takes great pride in our behavioral coaching process that produces world-class client advocates who specialize in live call contacts. Successful campaigns rely on active voter contacts. These voters play an influential role in the political process. They participate and influence by talking to friends, family members and business associates about candidates and issues that they support. Our client advocates specialize in identifying and connecting with these voters. Our expertise in this area allows our clients to build lists of supporters who will actively promote their candidate or cause to the general public and, more specifically, to voters. Highlander Political Strategies can take your voter identification and GOTV calls to a whole new level.


Automated calling is a very popular and effective way to deliver a message about your candidate or issue to voters. These calls allow a candidate, political organizer or association head to deliver a personal message to voters or other audiences. These messages can be recorded by the candidate or principal and can be delivered by our world-class technology in a manner that meets the high standards established by local, state and federal agencies. Our technology allows us to record and deliver messages in multiple languages and to deliver these message over a specified timeframe. Automated calls can also be utilized to notify audiences of upcoming meetings, rallies or other functions. This service also allows you to poll voters, members or the general public by providing a push button polling process that allows your target audience to directly interact with your organization. Don’t take chances with your campaign or organization’s integrity or reputation. Let our educated team of professionals work with you to guarantee that you follow all guidelines associated with automated calling and polling.


Every campaign or organization has a desire to break down the barriers that separate voters from their elected officials. Patch-Through calls are a democratic wrecking ball that breaks down the barriers to this communication. By utilizing world-class technology to connect citizens and voters to their elected officials, Highlander Political Strategies transforms regular citizens in to political advocates for your campaign or organization. Let us work with you to harness the power of the people to drive change and improvement for your campaign or organization.


The team at Highlander Political Strategies has call center experience with fundraising at the local, state and federal level. Using high-performing live agents and world-class dialer technology, Highlander maximizes call time and voter interaction techniques to drive fundraising performance. Highlander maintains flexibility in staffing to meet our client’s needs. Contact us today to let us know how we can work with you to improve fundraising performance for your candidates.